Neil Diamond Fan Cruise 2007
Aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines Pride

Entertainment by Neil Diamond Impersonator Tom Sadge

Entertainment by TOM SADGE as NEIL DIAMOND

Neil Diamond Fan Cruise 2007./ and 2004 & 2003.

Tom Sadge Neil Diamond Fan Cruise April 2007 from Long Beach CA to Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Puerto Vallarta
The Neil Diamond Fan Cruise will stop at Mazatlan on the Mexican Riviera during the April 2007 Carnival Cruise.
Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Cabo San Lucas
Cruise aboard the CARNIVAL PRIDE along
Mexico's Pacific Coast!

Point of origin: Long Beach, California
Ports of call: Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas, MEXICO!!

Map of the Mexican Ports of Call
Here is the itinerary:
  • Sunday, April 29, 2007
    Leaving: Long Beach, California at 4PM
  • Monday: Fun Day at Sea!
  • Tuesday: More fun at sea!
  • Wednesday: Puerto Vallerta, Mexico
    8AM - 10PM!
  • Thursday: Mazatlan, Mexico
    9AM - 6PM
  • Friday: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
    7AM - 4PM
  • Saturday: Fun Day as Sea!
  • Sunday, May 6, 2007:
    Arrive: Long Beach, CA at 9AM

Neil Diamond Fan's Carnival Cruise 2004

Our 2007 Neil Diamond Fan Cruise to Mexico Sounds great, doesn't it?
Remember the last cruise? Take a stroll down memory lane...

Neil Diamond Fans' Cruise
8-Day Exotic Southern Caribbean
December 5-13, 2004
Tom Sadge is pictured aboard Carnival Cruise Line's Legend with the fabulous band which performed aboard the ship nightly.
Pictured above: Tom Sadge with his friends from the band
Aboard Carnival Cruise Line's Legend
Dec. 2004

Neil Diamond impersonator Tom Sadge recently returned from a fabulous cruise aboard Carnival Cruise Line's fabulous Legend, where he performed several times for his friends and fellow Diamondheads.

The cruise took the passengers to exotic ports of call across the Caribbean, including St. Maartin, Barbados and Martinique. The Diamondheads enjoyed two private cocktail parties, prepaid shipboard gratuities, and much more - including a couple of performances by Tom Sadge as, who else? Neil Diamond!

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